8 reasons crosswords are a healthy exercise

Since the early 19th century, crossword puzzles have been the most worked out brain teasers among the teenagers. Also people who are on their 20s or older enjoy working them out on a regular basis. Studies have given quite a good number of reasons on why you should be working on a crossword puzzle and also why you should consider introducing it to all your family members irrespective of their age. Guess you have already summed up the primary reason. Crossword puzzles are truly endlessly entertaining.

Another positive effect of solving a crossword is that they give your brains a proper workout. It not only helps you to learn new things every time but also increases our memorys potentiality. Studies even suggest that if you solve Crossword puzzles from the same source for a substantially long time, you might be able to easily memorize words that your puzzle editor uses on a regular basis. But should you consider playing it regularly and consider it as a healthy exercise? The answer is a big Yes. Lets find out why. Here are the 8 inevitable reasons:

1. Has major educational importance

According to surveys and researches done on application of crossword puzzles, many of todays teachers incorporate crossword into their curriculum. Not only because Crossword puzzles are fun and engaging but they have a high educational value too. Crossword puzzles help children to avoid spelling mistakes. They also help children to memorize the definition of words.

2. Makes you smarter

According to the 5-times winner of the American crossword tournament, Tyler Hinman, people who are good in crossword puzzles are mostly people good in maths and science. This is because these areas of study are closely related to a crossword puzzle indirectly. People good in solving crossword puzzles can look at encoded information and translate it instantly to something meaningful which makes them incomparably smarter than the rest.

3. Helps in building problem-solving skills

Crossword puzzles help building skills that are essential in solving problems where ordinary skills cannot be considered. When children are exposed to this crossword puzzle for a long time, they become more familiar with techniques used and gradually become skilled in the art of language and problem solving. This in turn helps them to overcome any hurdles in their life as solutions would turn into their mind instantly and thus faster than others.

4. Helps in improving memory capacity

Keeping your brain active is the best and simplest way of improving your memory. But in most cases this is overlooked just because we are not concerned about it. Several studies that have been conducted on this topic indicate that competing brain exercises such as crossword puzzles help you to develop and improve your memory and concentration in general. These practices make the brain fire up signals that wake up the part of the brain responsible for the memory, concentration and focus. A good number of leading organizations such as the Alzheimers Association and others are now recommending people to practice Crossword puzzles as brain exercises starting from an early stage so as to protect your brain from specific diseases in future years. This reason makes it worth introducing your family to the essentiality of solving Crossword puzzles. The game will help them to develop their thinking capability and problem-solving skills.

5. Enhances vocabulary

Crossword puzzles help children to overcome the problem of spelling and definition of words. The puzzle will help a kid to develop and enhance his vocabulary skills. For a kid to be able to complete a crossword puzzle, he/she should be able to read and understand the real meaning of the phrases mentioned in the clues and hence the puzzles he/she is introduced to should be age monitored so as to ensure that Crossword puzzles dont lose their title of being entertaining.
6. Improves your thirst for knowledge

Crossword puzzles lead us to enquire about synonyms or definition of words that may have been unknown to us or have seemed difficult to solve. Dont we ask for a solution from our mother, brother or sister or whoever we encounter during our conquest? This is implies that we are not only seeking out answers but also seeking knowledge about something we dont know. We may see our friends looking at the dictionary trying hard to search the meaning of a few difficult words involved in a game of Crossword. This is beneficial as not only you get exposed to the desired words of the crosswords but also learn a few more while searching them. Solving a crossword never makes you feel bore because after all games are always entertaining.

7. Boosts self-esteem

In studies not everyone has the same potentiality in every subject and some may be good at maths while some may be good in science while the rest may find social studies more promising. But in general the scenario is harsher than it seems, as not being good in everything often leads to depression among students and they may start struggling for self-confidence. These struggles not only have a bad impact on your childs mental state but also lower his/her self-esteem. It is thus advisable to make your child feel good about him or herself by introducing them to the world of crossword puzzle because it will bring them a different experience and help them develop proper skills to deal with problems instantly as well as memorize studies more efficiently. This is because solving a Crossword puzzle provides a kid with a sense of self-accomplishment and pride especially when they realize that they have completed the puzzle on their own.

8. Multiple platform availability

Crossword puzzles help in keeping us entertained and engaged for hours. Due to advancement in technology, we can opt for different platforms for solving crossword puzzles. We can either go with the traditional paperwork crossword puzzle, or can choose to play on our laptops, smartphones and even tablets. Crosswords are thus more platform independent than ever. Arent they?

Above all, Crossword puzzles are well known for being more beneficial than just being entertaining. They bring a world of fun, excitement and knowledge and make us capable in different aspect of life.
Brain stimulating activities like solving Crossword puzzles regulates the proper functioning of our brain thus preventing the onset of dementia which would have adverse impacts in our living standards. So when are you starting to solve Crossword puzzles on a daily basis?